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Touchstop Technology!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Since 2016 Sherborne has been implementing a great new system to all of their Rise & Recliner chairs called Touchstop.

All Rise & Recliner chairs have a solid metal mechanism that raise and lower the chair. If for any reason there happened to be an object under the chair, it has the possibility of being crushed when the chair lowers. This is where Touchstop comes in to play.

If anything conductive touches the metal frame (e.g. skin), the motors will instantly stop to make sure the risk of an accident is minimised.

This is great if you have small children around or even pets. Usually chairs are positioned by a wall or in a corner so the risk is minimal anyway, but this shows you another reason why we mainly stock Sherborne chairs. Their technology is at the forefront of style and safety.

We stock a variety of Rise & Recliner chairs, many of which have the Touchstop system. If you are interested in this or any other chair, why not browse our websites shop, give us a call on 01903 259 048 or pop in to our Lancing showroom. I am sure we can find something to suit you!

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