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Thinking of a second Riser Recliner for the conservatory ?

Some of you might want to enjoy your Rise Recliner Chair in the comfort of your conservatory if you’re lucky enough to have one. Rather than moving your current one, many of our customers decide to add an extra one to their home.

The conservatory is a room that offers a calm sanctuary to relax in, so why not put a second Rise Recliner chair in your “me-time” spot.

To make your conservatory even cosier why not try these space-saving tips:

  • Don’t overload on furniture, leave lots of space for your Rise Recliner Chair.

  • Don’t forget colourful and comfy cushions to make your own little “me-time” space.

  • Move those dirty outdoor shoes on to a rack, it helps make the space comforting and homely.

  • Make sure there is plenty of storage.

  • Inevitably there will be things to store, so invest in a hollow bench or window seat which is an excellent storage solution, so that your Riser Recliner Chair can be in an uncluttered space.

  • Add plants to create a relaxing oasis.

  • A small conservatory has the danger of feeling claustrophobic at night and in winter. Avoid this by choosing pale colours for the walls and floor, a washed oak would work well as it still gives you a cosy, warm finish.

  • Add lots of lighting at different levels using lamps and candles. Having a conservatory takes the pressure off the living room and has a space-saving quality all by itself.

As summertime is round the corner, the warmth of the conservatory overlooking your sunny garden is the place to be.

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