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Single motor vs Dual motor

As you are probably aware there are two main types of Rise & Recliner chairs. Dual motor & single motor, but what is the difference?

Single motor:

Pro's: The single motor remote is less complicated than the dual motor with only 3 buttons. Up, down & reset. The up, lifts you up to standing. The down brings the chair down to seating if raised and reclines the chair if in seating position. The reset always brings you back to seating no matter what position you are in.

Con's: Due to only having one motor it essentially only has one action. Which means if you like to recline, the back and footrest move with only one motion and not independently. You may find it harder to find the right position for you. Also the back doesn't recline as far as the dual motor.

Dual Motor:

Pro's: Being dual motor, the back moves independently to the footrest so you can find the optimal positioning and comfort. The back also moves back a lot further to an almost horizontal position.

Con's: The controller has 5 buttons which some may find more difficult to use. It is still fairly simple just a bit more complicated than the single motor.

In our experience dual motor chairs seem to be the more desirable choice, but the choice is all down to you. We always try and stock a range of different style chairs to give you the best choice out there.

To see how we can help you, why not call us on 01903 259 048 or why not browse our stock online by clicking the 'shop' button on the above menu.

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