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Introducing The Ripley

Many people buy these brand new and absolutely love them! The design, style, comfort is excellent, the quality of build is second to none & one of HSL’s most popular chairs

Our engineers rate these as one of the best on the market, therefore we aim to keep a good selection in stock, fully serviced, professionally cleaned & ready for delivery in just 1 - 5 days

Of course, the best way to tell is to have a try, either in our Lancing shop or in the comfort of your own with our home visit service

The Ripley features & details

(listed in the HSL 2021 catalogue)

The effortlessly stylish design of the Ripley is coupled with a high back, wing support & luxury fibre-filled back cushions to deliver unrivalled support right where you need it

Achieve optimum comfort with the seamless motion of HSL’s dual motor model, approved in 2021 by the the Good House Keeping Institute, which allows you to control the supportive back & footrest independently.

  • Three-part cushioned backrest giving precise support to the unique contours of your spine.

  • Backrest and footrest operate independently of each other

  • Three different layers of arm padding for extra comfort.

  • Full width footplate for complete lower leg support whilst reclining.

  • Back-up battery so you can return to a sitting or standing position in the event of a power cut.

To view our stock visit:

To book a shop appointment or a home visit call: 01903 259048

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