We Deliver!

No problem if you live far from our showroom, we can deliver to the majority of the UK! 

All our deliveries are made by YouFirst Engineers or by trained & trusted couriers vetted by us.

We will deliver FREE to anywhere in East & West Sussex, in under 5 working days.

For neighbouring counties Hampshire, Surrey, Kent & London, the delivery cost is only £49. We also deliver in under 5 working days.

For the vast majority of the UK, delivery is just £89. Depending on your location the delivery time can vary but we still aim to get it to you in under 5 working days.

If you're in the blue zone we can still deliver! Just call us on 01903 259 048 for a quote.

*Please be aware, if you are located in the purple or blue delivery zone, we may be unable to take an existing chair.

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