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Why not book a home visit?

We understand that many people who need our chairs, may be unable to make the trip to our Lancing shop. We also understand that most people also want to try a chair before they buy it. This catch 22 situation can be frustrating, so You First have the answer!

Why not book a You First home visit?

A You First home visit is completely free and available to anyone in Sussex who is unable to make it to our showroom. Two engineers would arrive at a time to suit you and can be there for as long as you need. They would bring a selection of chairs (usually 2 or 3) that we feel would suit you after asking for your requirements.

There is no pressure & no obligation to buy. We are happy to put the chairs back on the van with no cost to you if you feel the chairs do not suit.

If you are happy to proceed with the purchase then great! We can process a payment there and then so no need for a repeat visit. This means you can start using your chair straight away with no waiting period.

We really want to put You First, so why not contact us today and see how we can help you.

To book a home visit, please call us on 01903 259 048

A polite disclaimer:

We will always say yes to a home visit if asked but we do ask if you are able to make it to our showroom, please do. As a small company we would like to reserve this service for people who find it difficult to make the journey. We do this as a courtesy. Thank you.

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