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What size chair do I need?

Finding the right size Rise & Recliner chair is important. If you pick a chair too small it will feel uncomfortable, pick one too large your seating position & posture will be wrong. This is not just uncomfortable but can make moving in & out of the chair more difficult and even unsafe.

There are four main sizes of Rise & Recliner chair.

  • Petite

  • Small

  • Standard

  • Large (sometimes called Grande or Royale)


Petite is the smallest of the chairs. The main chair dimensions are the same as the small but have a shorter back. This means if you are fairly short, the headrest still falls in the right place for maximum comfort.


Small chairs have the same dimensions as the petite but have a taller back. Your head always need to be in the correct position for the headrest, so if the petite is too low but the other dimensions are correct, a small chair would be the right fit.


A standard chair is exactly what you would expect. Although being called a standard this does not fit everybody and is not an average. Make sure you get the right chair for yourself and not just purchase a standard thinking it covers everybody. This is a common mistake.


Large chairs are the biggest size available. They are sometimes referred to as Grande or Royale but are all roughly the same size. This is ideal for the person with a larger stature.

Below is some average dimensions of the various sized chairs.

There is only one right way of finding the best chair for you, and that is simply to try it out for yourself. At You First we always stock a range of different sizes in our showroom for you to try. If you are unable to make it to our shop, why not book a free home visit? We can then come to you!

Call us on 01903 259 048 today and see how we can help you!

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