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We Deliver!

We have recently changed our free delivery radius to the WHOLE OF SUSSEX!

Previously only Brighton and Worthing were covered under this, but we have decided to increase our free delivery area due to the amount of inquiries from further afield. We didn't quite realise how many people would be needing our service from all over the county and beyond, so we are very happy to announce the much larger free delivery area!

Not to worry if you are outside of Sussex, We still deliver!

If you are in Hampshire, London, Surrey or Kent the delivery charge is just £49. And that's it! Our trained engineers will deliver, set up where you want it, give you a demonstration, answer any questions you may have & even take away an existing chair if needs be, free of charge! No matter on the condition.

(We unfortunately cannot deliver to the Isle of Wight for this price, however we can still help. So please give us a call if you're an islander in need)

Even if you are further afield than that, you can still have your chair delivered to you no problem. Anywhere in the UK you can use Shiply. This way you can choose the best courier yourself. All you do is fill in the necessary information and then different couriers compete over the job. This means you can choose the cheapest and highest rated courier yourself. This is a lot more cost effective than a typical courier who deals on weight, as shiply works per job, regardless of how heavy it is. For more information on this, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01903 259 048 or email

Its not about what we can't do, its about what we CAN do! We will always help the best we can for whatever needs you have. So get in contact today and see how we can help you!

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