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The You First Process

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Although all of our chairs are pre-owned, we want them to be like new!

How do we achieve this?

Well let me tell you...

First we source the chair. We ensure that all our chairs are from smoke and pet free homes. This means we travel all across the UK to select the best chairs we can.

Next we service the chair. We are lucky to have a fully trained engineer to meticulously go over the mechanism. We check every function and visually inspect the entire framework, actuators and electronics, then replace any part that isn't perfect. The chair is then PAT tested to confirm electrical safety to make sure everything is in perfect working order. This is why we are happy to offer a free 12 month warranty on all of our chairs.

The next step is the cleaning process. Although we have engineers, designers and sales staff as the core of the business, we are lacking cleaners. This is why we get in the professionals! The chair is then handed to Green's Upholstery Cleaning Service, they take the chair though a thorough deep clean and treat each chair with an anti-bacterial formula.

Now the chairs a like new again and ready for sale!

Our customers are very important to us so we offer a variety of options to buy.

You can visit us at our shop in Lancing and try the range we have in stock first hand, or alternatively browse our online shop and purchase that way. Or you can always give us a call on 01903 259 048 if you have any questions at all.

We do recommend you try before you buy but we understand in some circumstances this may not be possible. If you unable to get to the shop we can always visit you with some selected chairs for a no obligation demonstration.

Once you’ve selected the right chair, we deliver your chair at a time appropriate to you, set it up and demonstrate. We are patient, we don’t rush or leave until you're happy. If required we will remove an existing chair that’s in your way at no extra cost to you.

When you’ve got your chair our service doesn’t end there, any queries you may have (no matter how silly you think they are) just phone, if needed will send an engineer to you ASAP.

We value our relationships and understand people have differing requirements, so we are always happy to help.

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