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Shopping around for the perfect Rise & Recliner!

Updated: May 7, 2023

We want you to find the right chair. If that is with us then great! But we understand part of this process is shopping around, looking at brand new as-well as private sellers.

Here are some handy tips for finding the right Rise & Recliner online.

There are many various selling sites across the web, the main ones being Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Shpock, Friday Ad, Free Ads & Preloved.

What to look out for when purchasing:

Is it from a smoking property?

Both leather & fabric chairs hold the smell and is very difficult to remove, so if going into a non smoking property, it’s something to consider.

Is it from a pet free home?

If so, look for cat scratches on areas & cables pets may have chewed or damaged.

Has it been used with arm covers?

If so, do ask for photos of underneath.

Is there any exposed wire on the cables?

This could mean a rewire is needed before safe operation.

What marks / pulls can you see in the photos when you zoom in?

Look in particular at the front of the arms & the headrest.

Is it the right size?

Make sure the seat width measurement is measured from the same point. The back of the seat can measure differently from the front width ways.

Can they deliver?

These chairs are very heavy and would need 2 people to lift. Especially if access is through corridors.

Can you collect it yourself?

Worth checking what floor the chair is on, what the access is like & if you are able to use their lift for furniture. Also be prepared to take the back off (you will need a flat headed screwdriver or some strong fingers) this makes the moving of the chair a lot easier.

What brand is it?

Research the brand of the chair, this is sometimes specified on the remote or underneath the footrest. Some brands are very cheap versions. (check our guide for brand comparisons) We would always recommend Sherborne or HSL.

Does it have its fire label attached?

This is a legal requirement, if not please don’t purchase.

Has it been checked for electrical safety / PAT Tested?

If purchasing from a second hand store or charity shop, it should have a pat test sticker on the plug or transformer. If purchasing from a private seller, we recommend a certified PAT tester / electric checks it over before use.

Different Search terms:

As there are so many different words that are used to describe these chairs. Try searching with some of these you will find many more chairs! Use different combinations and you may find that chair, no one else has seen!

Riser Recliner Chair

Rise And Recline Armchair

Rise & Recline

Rise & Fall

Rising Chair Lift, Tilt, Stand, Standing,

Raise Recline,

Reclining Elderly Chair

Mobility Aid

Disability Chair

Electric Chair

Dual Motor

Single Motor

We hope your search for the perfect Rise & Recliner goes well. We check all of these when sourcing our chairs and work out about the same price as private sellers. And up to 60% cheaper than new. With You First you can just avoid the hassle, have a 12 month warranty & get it delivered for free anywhere in Sussex. So give us a call on 01903 259 048 and see how we can help you.

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