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Our Journey. Part 3 - Sourcing the Chairs

A big part of what we do is specially select the right chairs for our showroom. We have partnered with various clearance companies but mainly source the chairs ourselves. This takes hours of scouring many various avenues to find the perfect chairs for our shop.

They need to be top quality and in excellent condition even before we service and clean them to ensure that our customers have the best product they can get. They are no more than a few years old and we have found Sherborne and HSL have the highest quality that we want for our customers.

To find the right chairs means we have to travel far afield. We travel all across the UK on a weekly basis to ensure we have the cream of the crop for our showroom.

We really don't mind going the extra miles, so you don't have to!

Purchasing a pre-owned Rise& Recliner yourself can be very time consuming. You may have to travel long distances to get what you need. And you do not have any security if anything goes wrong.

At You First however we do all the leg work for you and offer fast and free local delivery. Plus we offer a free 12 month warranty on all our chairs so you can also have the security you deserve.

Many used Rise & Recliner chairs for sale online are the same or even more expensive than our chairs. So why have the hassle when we can do it all for you!

Plus if there is something specific you're after, let us know and we can try and source it for you with no obligation to buy. Remember, its all about putting You First!

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