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Our Journey. Part 2 - Branding The Business

My first job when I left school at 16 was an apprenticeship with a company called Southwick Print Shop. Here I learnt and studied the basics of graphic design & it has always been a hobby of mine, even when my career path changed later on in my life.

Little did I know that starting my own business, these skills would be vital in helping me in promoting our venture.

First we needed a name. 'You First' came to us pretty quickly. A lot of our customers are elderly and for a lot of their lives have put others first. But now in their Autumn years they are able to put themselves first and regain some freedom with our Rise & Recliner chairs.

No matter the reason needed for the chair, The chair is for you and your needs. You need to put You First sometimes.

Our logo needed to represent this. The holding of hands and the heart are two strong images we wanted to convey. We want to show the support we can give and the care we give with it.

We will help, we will support & we will care... for You First.

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