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Neighbourly kindness

We deal with a lot of different people everyday. Sometimes though, you see something that makes you see the world in a better light.

One delivery we did recently really stands out and I wanted to share this story.

It started off as just a normal enquiry. A customer calls us up explaining that he is looking for an electric reclining chair. He had searched online for reclining chairs but wanted to try the chair before he bought it. He saw that we can offer a free home visit so we booked him in and the next day we brought the chair over to him so he could see first hand.

This is when we realised there was more to this story.

Upon arrival, we were met by the man who called us. This chair was not actually for him, but for his elderly neighbour. He continued to explain that his neighbour, who had no family, was sitting on an old, low wooden chair & had been for years.

He had taken it upon himself to take her under his wing. He had been doing this for a while now and the chemistry they both had with each other was infectious. Even with their 50 year age gap. It was amazing to see such an amazing act of neighbourly kindness. Many of us don't even know our neighbours names. Let alone go out of our way to help them... everyday.

They were both very happy with the chair so we finished the sale and went to say our goodbyes. I said to the man on the way out, "It's lucky you moved in next door to her"

He said, "well someones got to take care of her"

and I said "yes, they do... but not everyone would"

And I meant it. Not just anyone would've taken so much time out of their lives to help someone in need.

I am so very glad that we met both of these lovely people. I am certain they will be friends forever.

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