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How to use Shiply to get your chair.

If you are outside of our delivery zone, dont worry! You can still get your chair delivered to your door by using Shiply.

Using a general courier can work out very expensive for something so heavy, whereas Shiply couriers go by the individual job and not the weight.

Also, rather than you shopping around for the best price yourself, Shiply lets you post the job and the different couriers then give you quotes. You can then choose the best price & highest rated courier to get your chair to you cheaply & safely.

To do this all you need to do is:

1: Head to

2: Choose 'Furniture & General Items' in the drop down menu

3: Put in our town 'Lancing' for the collection, and your town or city for the delivery location.

4: Click the button 'receive quotes in minutes'

This then takes you to the next page. On here all you need to do is:

1: Write 'Rise & Recliner Chair' in the description

2: Enter your preferred delivery time-frame.

3: Enter you email address (this is needed to send quotes to you)

4: Click 'Submit & Start Getting Quotes' button

And that's it!

Now various couriers will give you their best quotes and you can choose which is best for you. Easy!

If you want to purchase a chair from us and want to use Shiply, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01903 259 048 if you have any questions.

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