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Choosing The Right Chair For You.....

There are several varying kinds of Rise & Recliner chairs on the market today, and the many different models all come with different styles and fabrics.

While it might be tempting just to take some measurements and order a chair from a catalogue or website, we'd always recommend trying before you buy.

Firstly, it is important to clarify that there are only two main types of recliner chair:

Dual motor and single motor products.

A dual motor chair allows users to control the backrest with one motor and the footrest with a second. With single motor chairs, the backrest and footrest always move at the same time.

When considering size, think about the external dimensions to fit your home but also the seat & postural dimensions of the chair. External dimensions indicate how big the chair will appear in a room, whilst seat or postural dimensions tell how well suited the chair is to the user. Taking account of the right measurements of the riser recliner chair is important in ensuring that you will maintain a supportive and comfortable posture for the maximum comfort.

Ask yourself these questions to help you choose the most suitable functions:

Leg rest - Do you want the leg rest to rise automatically as you recline, or would you prefer to control these movements independently of each other? If the latter, make sure you choose a dual-motor riser recliner chair.

Battery - Do you want a back-up battery that will let you move back to a neutral or standing position if you have a power cut? (All our chairs have this function)=-968

Anti-crush - Do you want an anti-crush feature to prevent accidents owing to pets or small children getting underneath?

As much as you need to pay great attention to functionality, you should also consider the style and design of the Rise & Recliner chair as it is still a piece of furniture you have to live with.

At You First we offer a range of styles and functionality so you find the right chair for yourself and your home. So get in contact today and see how we can help you!

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