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Cheap new or quality pre-owned? That is the question!

There are many new, cheap Rise and Recliners out there on the internet. Most are manufactured in China. You can always tell if the price is a very odd number (like £315.26) that it will be shipped from far away.

But why should you spend the same or maybe more on a quality pre-owned chair?

How its made:

The word 'quality' goes a long way here. Usually Chinese imports only have a 3 month warranty. And there is a reason for this. They do not last long. And even if you have issues during the warranty period, getting a foreign company to help can prove very difficult as its unlikely they have services in the UK.

At You First, we have quality pre-owned chairs that we are happy to offer a free 12 month warranty as we know they have been built to last. They have also been fully serviced & professionally cleaned before sale to make them like new. Plus you know we are here to help even if you are outside of the warranty period.


Cheap imports can take a long time to be delivered. Sometimes even months. This is because they have to come such a long way. They would also get delivered like a parcel with no engineer to help you put it together.

At You First we have fast and free delivery to the whole of Sussex. We can usually deliver in just a couple of days. The chair will be delivered by trained engineers and will set it up where you need it and offer a demonstration of how it works. We will not leave until you are completely happy with your purchase.

Try before you buy:

Any chair you buy just online, you buy blind. You do not know the proper size, colour or even how comfortable it is. Do you really want to spend hundreds on a chair you have never even sat in?

At You First our showroom is open 5 days a week so you can try many chairs and find the right one to suit you. Even if you are unable to make it to our shop we can offer a free house visit. We would bring a few chairs for you to try, at home, with no obligation to buy!


Safety is important. With a cheap imports they are usually made with cheap fabrics and weak materials to keep the cost down. For people who need these chairs due to a medical reasons or conditions, you do not want to be stuck in a broken chair. They have also been known to wobble when rising.

At You First all our chairs are either HSL or Sherborne. We only stock these two brands as they are manufactured in the UK and are top quality. From the fabric to the mechanism, the build quality and safety is second to none.


Cheap imports are exactly that. They are cheap. They can range from about £300 to £600. But if you need a Rise & Recliner for a long period, is it cheap? If it breaks down and you have to buy another one. Plus the lack of after sale service, is it really worth the money?

At You First our chairs range from £495 to £695. They have been fully serviced, professionally cleaned, come with a free 12 month warranty and free delivery to anywhere in Sussex. Even outside of your warranty period we are still happy to give you support.

I know as part of You First we are biased towards our product, but let me put it this way:

Would you rather a chair worth £1200 for just £495 or a chair worth £315 for £315. Would you like the Ferrari or the Ford for the sake of few pounds.

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