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A Heartfelt Thank You to Repose & The Team at YouFirst: Transforming My Parents' Sitting Experience

A Heartfelt Thank You to Repose and My Colleagues at YouFirst: Transforming My Parents' Sitting Experience

As someone working in the Riser Recliner business, I have always been passionate about the life-changing impact that these chairs can have. I've longed to provide my father with a chair that would alleviate his back problems, especially considering his height of 6ft 4". After witnessing his struggles with chairs and sofas over the years, I knew it was time to find a solution.

Curious about my parents' current sofa suite, which is approximately a decade old, I asked my father why they had chosen it. His response shocked me—he simply said it was the most supportive option he could find that his back could tolerate. This revelation propelled me on a mission to find a truly supportive sofa suite—one that would consider sizing as a crucial factor.

I embarked on a journey, visiting numerous furniture companies in Hove, Chichester, Hedge End, and other business parks. The difficulty in finding a supportive sofa suite and the lack of consideration for sizing became apparent. It saddened me to see my father spending hours each evening adjusting cushions. I witnessed creative solutions such as cable-tied and duct-taped cushions, various lumbar support cushions, foam in different shapes, inflatable cushions, and even expensive specialist back pain cushions.

For my father, it became essential to find a back style that offered ample adjustment options and a seat depth that would support and maintain his spine's alignment. He had become so accustomed to rolling up cushions that he inadvertently did the same with one of my brother's John Lewis cushions, sparking a running joke in our family about protecting cushions when Dad is around!

My mother had her own requirements for the furniture—a matching set in a fabric that complemented the carpet and rug. She also wanted her chair to provide a high leg lift. Comfort wasn't a primary concern for her due to her height of 5ft 5", but it was a top priority for me. We found a standard-sized chair for her with a pocket sprung seat, a 1" reduction in the arm width to ensure a perfect fit, and a tilt-in-space mechanism for a high leg lift, aiding circulation and reducing water retention.

With the new furniture in place, my father has finally found a seating arrangement that suits his needs. He no longer needs to adjust cushions constantly or change his positioning throughout the day. As a result, I spend less time worrying about him and more time enjoying family evenings without finding him laying out on the floor.

In addition to the improved comfort, the rise feature of the chair has been instrumental. The adjusted seat height makes it easy for my father to get in and out of the chair, which was a significant concern for him, particularly with an upcoming knee operation. I am overjoyed to have alleviated this worry before it became an issue.

My mother constantly praises the comfort that the new furniture provides my father, further solidifying the positive impact it has had on our family. The matching set and the thoughtfully chosen fabric blend seamlessly with our home, bringing a sense of cohesion and style.

I am immensely grateful to Repose and my colleagues at YouFirst for their assistance in transforming my parents' sitting experience. The bespoke sizing, personalized adjustments, and overall comfort have made a significant difference in their lives. Witnessing the positive impact this furniture has had on my family has only reinforced my passion for providing life-changing seating solutions to those in need.

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