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A call to arms!

Big business is monetising the web fast. Whether its google placing paid ads ahead of search results, or Facebook reducing the organic reach of small business pages.

Its hard for start-ups to get the exposure needed to connect with their customer base. All small business's struggle with advertising budgets and it never seems to be enough.

We're a small company run by a group of friends. Our mission is to provide quality pre-owned rise and recliner chairs at up to 60% off RRP, in a condition and with a service comparable to new. Which we have more than achieved. We just now want to get our name out there further!

We have an excellent range of quality chairs, with a steady flow of customers. However we know we can do more. We try to avoid costly advertising as this just adds to the cost of the individual chairs, which is something we do not want to do. We want to keep our chairs affordable.

This is where our call to arms comes in, help us connect to people in need of rise and recliner chairs. Just sharing one of our blog posts or liking our Facebook page helps keep costs down for us, so we can pass the saving onto our customers. Most of our customers come to us from a recommendation and word of mouth, so if you know anyone who could benefit from our service, please let them know about You First. We are here to help.

Thank you from the You First team.

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